• University Teaching Certificate Program Application

    Fall 2021- Winter 2022 Cohort
  • Instructions:

    Fill out the electronic application form completely and attach all relevant documents.

    All applicants must fulfill A & B:

    A. have taught for at least 3 quarters (UCR or other institution acceptable)

    B. have student evalutions from those 3 quarters

    OR option C:

    attended Teaching Careers Week - Teaching Development Track (spring quarter event held every year at UCR)

    Any questions can be addressed to the UTC Coordinator, Kyla Rankin, at utc@ucr.edu.

    Submit the application electronically by 9:00am on Monday, May 17, 2021. (Also make sure that your reference letter is submitted directly to utc@ucr.edu by this time as well.)

  • Personal Information:

  • Academic Information:

  • Teaching Evaluations:

  • Teaching Experience:

  • Statement of Interest:

  • Reference:

  • Your reference letter should, ideally, address some aspect of your teaching specifically.

    Please instruct your recommender to email their recommendation letter directly to utc@ucr.edu.

  • Acknowledgements and Signature:

    I certify that information contained in this application is true and complete. I understand that false information may be grounds for rejection of the application and immediate termination of certification participation at any point in the future if I am accepted into the program. I authorize the verification of any or all information listed above. I understand that acceptance into the program does not guarantee that a University Teaching Certificate will be awarded to me and that I must meet the minimum attendance requirements for GDIV 301. I further acknowledge that the final approval of my certification is contingent upon my completion of the requirements and approval from the Dean of Graduate Division and the Director of GradSuccess.

  • Should be Empty: