Have questions about the University Teaching Certificate? We’ve got answers!


  • What is the UTC Program?

    The UTC Program is a two-quarter program offered through GradSuccess. It is designed to assist graduate students in developing university level teaching and lecturing strategies, designing a teaching philosophy, and becoming members of the professional teaching community. The goal of the UTC courses is to equip graduate students with the necessary skills to be both outstanding scholars and teachers in their continued work in academia.

  • Is the UTC Program offered for credit?

    Yes. Students accepted into the program will receive 2 units of credit for each required course (GDIV 301 and GDIV 302), for a total of 4 units over the Fall-Winter or Winter-Spring quarters.

  • Are there graded assignments?

    Yes. You are required to complete a series of assignments, including weekly readings and a Teaching Portfolio at the end of the second quarter of the program. You will receive a “satisfactory” on your transcript when all assignments are completed.

  • What happens if I do not complete all requirements?

    If you do not complete all requirements, you will receive a “no credit” on your transcript, and you will not receive a University Teaching Certificate.

  • When will classes meet?

    The meeting times for the twice-weekly class (GDIV 301) will be Tuesdays & Thursdays from 11:00 am–11:50am. For GDIV 302, there will be at least three required meetings during the second quarter, and these times will be decided based on when enrolled students are available to meet.

  • How would I benefit from receiving a University Teaching Certificate?

    The UTC Program is highly competitive. The topics it covers are designed to enhance participants’ understanding of teaching pedagogy. Moreover, the hands-on experience allows students to demonstrate mastery of key theory and concepts. Students will develop a Teaching Portfolio during the courses. Those who complete the program are awarded a certificate that is signed by the TADP and UTC Coordinators. In addition to the certificate, students who choose to undergo a teaching observation will receive a letter of recommendation.


  • Who is eligible to apply for the UTC Program?

    Graduate students in good academic standing from all colleges and departments are eligible to apply. Applicants must have three quarters of prior teaching experience, or they must have attended the Teaching Development Track of Teaching Careers Week, which is offered annually during the spring quarter. If you have additional questions about these requirements, please contact the UTC Coordinator (utc@ucr.edu).

  • Do I have to supply my three most recent sets of teaching evaluations?

    Instead of submitting your teaching evaluations online, the application will prompt you to grant us access to your UCR teaching evaluations. If your three teaching evaluations come from institutions other than UCR, you may submit any three sets of recent teaching evaluations.

  • Are teaching evaluations from outside UCR acceptable?

    Yes. Formal teaching evaluations from other institutions are acceptable.

  • Can my recommender send a letter of recommendation directly to the program?

    Yes. To preserve the confidentiality of your letter, please have your recommender send it directly to the UTC Coordinator at utc@ucr.edu. 

  • Is the UTC Program available to students pursuing a Master’s degree?

    Yes. Master’s degree students are also encouraged to apply for the UTC program.

  • Is the UTC Program available to Postdoctoral fellows?

    Yes. Postdoctoral fellows are also encouraged to apply for the UTC program. Postdoctoral fellows are eligible for the certificate as well as a letter of recommendation, but are ineligible for the 4 credit units which only graduate students can receive.

  • How do I apply for the UTC Program?

    The application must be completed online using the provided application form which, when available, will be under the "Application" tab above. The completed application must include:

    1. An application form (including statement of interest)
    2. Letter of reference emailed directly to utc@ucr.edu.
    3. One of the following:
      • Approval of access to no fewer than three quarters of UCR teaching evaluations through iEval

      • Confirmation of attendance at the Teaching Development Track of Teaching Careers Week

      • Three quarters of teaching evaluations from institutions other than UCR

  • Is there any cost involved?

    Since there are required readings, students must purchase books.

  • If I begin the UTC Program this year but don’t complete it, can I satisfy my remaining requirements next year?

    No. Aspects of the UTC program may change from year to year, so certain seminars or other requirements may not be consistently available. A new application packet would be required for consideration for the UTC program for the following year.

  • Will the program be offered again next year?

    Yes. The UTC Program is offered twice every year.

  • What courses do I need to take to complete the University Teaching Certificate?

    Students accepted into the UTC Program will be enrolled in GDIV 301 in the first quarter of the program, and GDIV 302 in the second quarter. GDIV 301 will be structured like any graduate-level seminar. Students will be expected to arrive to class promptly, having completed all reading assignments ahead of time, and be prepared to participate actively. GDIV 302 will be structured like an independent study class with students designing their Teaching Portfolio. There will be at least two required meetings during Spring quarter, and these times will be decided based on when enrolled students are available to meet.

  • If I am not accepted into the UTC Program this year, will my application stay on file?

    No, a new application packet would need to be submitted.