Our Staff

Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray

Coordinator, Teaching Assistant Development Program 
University Office Building 141
Spring 2022 Office Hours: Mondays 1-2pm

Sarah is completing her PhD in the Sociology Department. She came to UCR from Canada, where she double majored in Sociology and Theatre at Queen's University. Her doctoral research focuses on the intersectional inequalities in the experiences of women police officers.

Bryan from the shoulders up, standing in front of the Hans Christian Anderson mermaid statue in Copenhagen harbor.

Bryan Scott

Lead Consultant, Teaching Assistant Development Program
University Office Building 141
Spring 2022 Office Hours: Thursday 2-3pm

As a PhD Candidate in Physics and Astronomy, Bryan's research primarily focuses on a technique called intensity mapping, which can improve our understanding of the large scale structure of the universe as well as the properties of dark matter and dark energy. Outside of research, Bryan works to make astronomy a more inclusive and welcoming community through local and national efforts. He enjoys travel, language learning, and photography.