Welcome to TADP!

Welcome to TADP!2018-09-06T11:24:32+00:00

The UCR Grad Success Teaching Assistant Development Program offers a number of services to the university’s graduate teaching assistants. Through TADP, TAs learn to build rapport with their students, increase their knowledge and organizational skills, and become responsive to the needs of UCR’s diverse student population.

All teaching assistants at UCR must complete orientation prior to teaching for the first time. Even if you have completed TA training at another institution, you must complete orientation at UCR or you will be deemed ineligible to TA per Grad Division requirements. Orientation occurs twice a year prior to the beginning of the fall and winter quarters. If you missed orientation but are planning on being a teaching assistant, you can make it up.

The Teaching Assistant Development Program trains all TAs at UCR, organizing a major orientation and offering workshops throughout the year. TAs are offered one-to-one mentorship as well as the opportunity to observe the successes of their peers whose teaching has been recognized as outstanding.

Contact tadp@ucr.edu for more information.

Visit our Calendar to see all workshops that are offered for teaching development and all other workshops offered by GradSuccess.