Teaching with Technology

Thinking about ways to incorporate technology into your lectures, labs, or discussion sections? There are a lot of ideas and resources out there to try:

  • Get help from UCR instructional designers
  • Try out Poll Anywhere to promote student engagement
  • Incorporate quiz questions directly into lecture videos with YuJa
  • Request a Catchbox throwable microphone from Media Services for large interactive discussions
  • Try adapting Kahoot! learning games to your classes
  • Use Calendly for booking appointments with students
  • Benchling is a free service that allows students to create online, cloud-based lab workbooks
  • Create collaborative online spaces with Piazza
  • The Merlot System provides access to curated online learning materials and content

Yelda Serin, Graduate Student Resource Center Coordinator has created an informational guide for using Zoom specifically for TAs at UCR. Click the link below to open the guide:

Zoom Procedures for UCR TAs


Looking for help with iLearn, eLearn/Canvas, Zoom, or YuJa? Check out the resources compiled by XCITE for help with these and other learning technology.