New TA Orientation

TADP provides a free orientation for new TAs at the beginning of the Fall Quarter of each academic year. This orientation is required for all new TAs by Graduate Division and covers specific classroom techniques and issues as well as rights, regulations and resources for new TAs. Topics include preparation, presentation skills, problem solving, teaching techniques, rapport, diversity, and campus resources. The goal of the orientation is to prepare teaching assistants to be effective in the classroom. If you are going to be a TA in the winter or spring 2017 quarters, please contact us, and we will send you information on how to make up the new TA orientation.

Training Workshops

TADP offers free training relating to core areas of teaching and teacher development training. Core workshops focus on areas targeted by questions from TA evaluations. Teacher development training workshops focus on pedagogy and enhancing teaching skills and classroom strategies. You can check the TADP Calendar for the current workshop schedule or the Resources section of our website for more teaching resources.


TADP offers the opportunity for all TAs to receive free feedback and help on specific issues and concerns relating to teaching through individual meetings and teaching observations with a TA Mentor. Contact the TA Mentor to set up an appointment.

International TA Support Program

The International TA Support Program offers several workshops each quarter to assist with pedagogy in American college classrooms, including rapport building, teaching skills, classroom culture, and presentation skills. Check the TADP Calendar for the current workshop schedule.