Teaching Continuity During Campus Disruption

TA-Specific Resources

Please note: all webinars, office hours, etc are optional and only intended to serve as a resource to save TAs time and stress during the transition to online instruction.

If you are a TA who needs to determine how to put your section or lab online, please review the instructions provided under the TA Resources heading on UCR’s Keep Teaching website.

If you would like to ask questions about any aspect of the current teaching disruption, there is an “Information for TAs” thread in the Community Hub on the Keep Teaching website that we are monitoring.

TA Resources during Disruption

Zoom Information for TAs

GradQuant has created an informational guide for using Zoom specifically for TAs. Click the link below to open the guide.



Requesting a Zoom Pro Account

All TAs should submit a request for a Zoom Pro account through ServiceLink. You will login with your UCR netID and password, choose “Zoom” for your software, and then provide information in the comments box about the class you’re currently TAing and/or TAing in Summer. You should also indicate whether you need access now for Spring term or by the first week of Summer Session.  

This is a screenshot of a ServiceLink Zoom Pro Request





IT Problems Related to Teaching Online

If you are encountering challenges as you transition online and need help, you can also submit a Support Ticket by clicking on the "Submit Support Ticket" heading on ServiceLink . Choose the new Category “Remote Teaching during Campus Emergency” and choose a topic from the resulting drop-down menu, then describe the issue you need help with. 

This is a screenshot of the ServiceLink user interface