Resources for Online Teaching

TA-Specific Resources

Please note: all webinars, office hours, etc. are optional.

If you are a TA who needs to determine how to facilitate your discussion or lab section online, please review the instructions provided under the TA Resources heading on UCR’s Keep Teaching website.

We understand that TAs may have varying degrees of familiarity with Zoom. Yelda Serin, Graduate Student Resource Center Coordinator has created an informational guide for using Zoom specifically for TAs at UCR. Click the link below to open the guide.

Zoom Procedures for UCR TAs


Resources for TAing Online

  • Online Teaching Webinars

    Access recordings of XCITE webinars on topics related to online teaching through the Live Video Trainings section of UCR's Keep Teaching website.

    Available webinar recordings include:

    • iLearn Beyond Basics
    • Using Zoom
    • Zoom 2: Whiteboards and more
    • Recording a PowerPoint Presentation
    • GoogleMeet Basics
    • And more
  • TADP Video Tutorials
  • IT Problems Related to Teaching Online
  • How to Request a Zoom Pro Account

    All TAs should submit a request for a Zoom Pro account through ServiceLink. You will login with your UCR netID and password, choose “Zoom” for your software, and then provide information in the comments box about the class you’re currently TAing and/or TAing in Summer. You should also indicate whether you need access now for Spring term or by the first week of Summer Session.

    This is a screenshot of a ServiceLink Zoom Pro Request
  • Get One-On-One Help

    The TADP Team has weekly Grad-to-Grad Peer Support Hours. We are happy to discuss how to improve your online teaching and better connect with students remotely:

    Sarah (CHASS) Wednesdays 10-11:00am

    Antara (STEM) Mondays 11:00am-12:00pm

    Kyla (CHASS) Tuesdays 3-4:00pm

    You can book an appointment with us by selecting the "Grad-to-Grad" Calendar here

    If you are looking for tech-specific support, XCITE is holding a weekly TA Virtual Lounge for students who need help with the technological elements of online teaching, including: iLearn, virtual labs, Zoom, YuJa, Gradescope, Canvas, and online proctoring.

    The Virtual Lounge is held every Tuesday from 3-4:00pm. For more information and to register, click here.

  • Other Available Resources

    You can review TADP resources through our website:

    - Recordings of many TADP workshops held during in the past year are available to watch here

    - Our larger resources page also includes links to articles, videos and other content on a variety of pedagogical topics

Looking for more advanced pedagogical resources for teaching online? Click here.