Shawn Ragan

Teaching Assistant Development Program Coordinator

Office Hours:
Mon-Thu 9:00am-1:30pm

Peer Support Office Hours: Monday 12:00pm-1:00pm

Shawn is a PhD candidate in the Department of History. His research interests focus on political, social, and religious history in the Roman Empire and the intersection of politics and religion in periods of crisis. During his time at UCR, he has developed a strong skill set as a teacher, and he has been a TA in a range of classes (both upper- and lower-division courses) on academic and business writing, the nature and writing of history, world history, ancient Mediterranean history, Chinese religions and history, classics, art history, and religious studies. In his position as TADP coordinator, he provides teaching support for graduate students across all disciplines and advises on navigating problems with students, faculty, and the challenges of graduate school. He helps graduate student teachers to develop stronger teaching habits and effective methods to balance research and teaching duties.

Daniel Harmon

Teaching Assistant Lead Consultant
Peer Support Office Hours: Wednesdays 1:00pm-2:00pm
Daniel is a PhD candidate in the Department of Psychology. As TA Lead Consultant, Daniel provides mentoring and support to graduate student teaching assistants and works with the TADP team to contribute to teaching and learning at UCR.

TADP is located in the University Office Building (UOB), Room 141.

As there is no student parking available nearby, other than the always crowded Parking Lot 9, the best way to get to GSRC is by foot, bike, skateboard or scooter! The UOB is on Eucalyptus Drive (the street that runs between Olmsted Hall and Rivera Library), through the gates and up the hill from the library about 1/4 mile (across the street from Parking Lot 11). Alternatively, walk up the hill from the Bell Tower, make a right turn at Webber Hall and walk over to Eucalyptus Drive. The UOB will be catty-corner on your left after you pass Batchelor Hall and approach the street.

If you are coming from the Orbach Science Library or parking areas near the Chemical Sciences Building (Parking Lots 10, 13), simply walk up East Campus Drive (between the two buses on the map) to Eucalyptus and turn right.