There are over 800 TAs at UCR with varying levels of teaching experience. The primary goal of the Teaching Assistant Development Program (TADP) is to support and enhance the experience of every TA at UCR by providing training opportunities, resources and mentoring. We believe that all TAs at UCR can strengthen their teaching skills by participating in TADP.

TADP trains all TAs at UCR, providing a TA orientation in the Fall and development workshops throughout the remainder of the academic year. TAs may also request one-to-one mentorships as well as the opportunity to observe the successes of their peers whose teaching has been recognized as outstanding. Through TADP, TAs learn to build rapport with their students, increase their knowledge and organizational skills, and become responsive to the needs of UCR’s diverse student population.

Overview of TADP Programs & Services

Teaching Assistant Orientation

Training Workshops

One on One Mentoring (contact)

International Teaching Assistant (ITA) Support

University Teaching Certificate Program

Awards for Teaching Assistants